Thanks for visiting Jenny Wells Reads! I love paper and ink books, flower gardens, and connecting with others over good stories. In January of 2017, I started my own book business which includes a brick-n-mortar bookstore, Jenny's Paper & Ink Books, located in Grass Valley, CA. My store is located across the street from a plant nursery and I like to sneak over there often for a quick tiptoe through the tulips, so to speak. When I have some free hours, though, a stroll through my local forests or sitting in lawn chairs in my backyard creek with a friend or one of my children is my favorite way to spend several hours. The Outlander stories by Diana Gabaldon are my favorite stories. What are yours?

When people asked me while I was raising my three children what I wanted to do once they were out of the house, I answered, “Be an expert in my field and get paid to write and speak about it.” That is exactly what I do. I am a story expert, based on decades as a teacher, and spend my time sharing book recommendations with readers of all kinds. My speaking includes seminars and workshops based on my offerings. Find out more about them here.